Here are some questions that seem to come up a lot in our business. Read through them and if you still have more then please feel free to contact us. Also, be sure to read some Testimonials from Satisfied Ray’s Heating & Air Customers.

A:Call Vectren Utility Company’s emergency phone number 800-227-1376 to report the gas leak

A:The arrow indicates air flow direction; the arrow should always be pointed toward the furnace.

A:Ray’s Heating & Air carries a very extensive inventory of filters and water panels by Honeywell, Air Bear, Trion, Best Air Pro, Carrier, American Standard, Aprilaire, Dynamic and Generalaire. We can special order those hard to find filters or custom made washable filters. Please contact us with your size needed or to check our inventory.

A:Ray’s Heating & Air will need to perform a Vectren gas line inspection. This will require a Vanderburgh County permit and inspection to be done. Ray’s will check all the gas lines, connections, vent connections and the fresh air requirements, per County Code. We will make any recommendations for repair, if needed. We will perform the repairs and have the premises reinspected. Upon passage, Vectren will unlock the gas meter. A typical inspection cost approximately $178.00 and a permit cost of $55.00. (prices are just estimates)

A:Ray’s Heating & Air recommends you replace your batteries with new ones every 6 months in your thermostat, if they are needed. Please use an alkaline type battery example: Duracell or Energizer.

A:All homes may need a humidifier if the relative humidity in the home falls below 30% relative humidity. This can be measured by a Digital Gauge that can be purchase at any local retailer. We have many options for whole home humidification.

A:The system must be checked by a licensed HVAC technician from Ray’s Heating & Air. Please schedule an appointment to have your unit serviced.

A:The ice can be formed in several ways; one would be if the system had a dirty filter, or low on Freon, or a blower motor failure or a welded compressor contractor all which must be repaired by a licensed HVAC technician from Ray’s Heating & Air.

A:At 20 degrees outside temperature, Ray’s Heating & Air would like the heat pump shut off and the emergency/auxiliary heat to be turned on for normal heat operation.

A:A heat pump will frost up during the heating cycle. The heat pump will accumulate a thin layer of frost due to the outdoor temperature and outdoor humidity. The unit will go into a defrost cycle in which the outdoor fan motor will shut off and the outdoor unit continues to run outside; melting the frost. The steam that you see is simply the defrost cycle.